2015 release “Hardwired II”


The new release is almost ready! 

It be available on CD and digital download on this site, Itunes, Amazon, and many others by the end of February first of March 2015.


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The Hardwired Project

The Hardwired project started as a collaboration between guitarist Eric Miley, and drummers Derick Hardwick, Gary Demonbreun, Travis Coleman, and Francis Patton. In 2005 Hardwired released “Geographic Anomaly”. Now they return in 2015 with “Hardwired II”. Other players that appear on the releases are: Karen Jackson – Vocals (2005-2015) Luis Polacios – Saxophone (2015) Michael Murphy – Keyboards (2015) Eddie Hidalgo – Bass (2015) Brett Garsed – Solo Guitars (2015) Chris Poland – Solo Guitars (2015) Greg Sharp – Saxophone (2005) Carrie Wilson – Keyboards (2005)

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2005 release “Geographic Anomaly”

Geographic Anomaly-front